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Summary Links to Software Process Improvement Networks
Category process
License Apache License
Owner(s) jrobbins


The goal of this project is to provide software development professionals with easy access to local SPINs. A "SPIN" is a Software Process Improvement Network. It is like a local users group, but members gather to discuss ways to improve their software processes rather than how to use any particular tool.

This project aims to accomplish three things:

  • Clearly and concisely explain the reasons for SPIN participation (see below)
  • Provide links to existing SPIN websites
  • Invite new groups to establish new SPIN projects on tigris.org (see below)

Reasons for SPIN Participation

  • Meet other professionals who are also interested in software process improvement.
  • Get new ideas on how to accomplish improvements.
  • Share your knowledge and experience with others who need it.

How to Start a SPIN Project

  • Traditionally, SPINs meet in person and are represented at a national conference, for more information see the SEI SPIN page.
  • You should consider working with an existing SPIN before trying to start your own. If there are none in your region, you may be able to work with another one remotely via their website or mailing list.
  • If you decide to start a new SPIN on Tigris.org:
    • See the SEI page on how to start a SPIN
    • Gather a group of other interested people who are interested and have a professional reason to continue their interest.
    • Suggest a project on tigris.org, the link to start a project is at the top of your Start Page.
    • Invite members and build initial web content.
    • Your project will be approved for other users to see once the tigris.org administrator sees initial progress.
    • Use your project workspace and mailing lists to help everyone involved.
    • If you have an existing SPIN, but are not currently hosting a website, you are welcome to host on tigris.org.